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Property Farming

Real estate farming is a valuable marketing strategy that involves planting, nurturing and cultivating real estate leads that grow into future business. Farming is typically done in an area close to your home, where your connection to the community is strongest. There are two main types of real estate farming: geographic (also called geo-farming) and demographic (also called niche farming).


We'll work with you every step of the way to build a productive farm.

Picking A Farm to Grow

We'll research your farm area to make sure that the area you have chosen is the right area for you and your budget.

Create A Database of Homeowners in your farm 

We'll create an up-to-standards mailing database of both occupants and absentee homeowners that own properties in your farm area. This list will be updated every six months  

Create and Deliver Postcards to your farm area

Using your postcard template, we will create and send on your behalf based on a pre-approved schedule and mailing list

Open Space Office

Property Farming  Fees

We provide a cost-effective way to broaden your marketing reach.



  • Research two areas for turnover rate.

  • Import owner's data for the mailing list. 

  • Create two postcards templets

  • Printing and postage is an additional charge. 

  • Taxes and shipping added to finale order 

12 Month plan 


  • 12 Monthly market update Postcard templets.

  • Printing & mailing is an additional charge per piece 

  • Taxes and shipping are added to the finale order.

Additional Options

$.078 per piece

Single postcard created printed and mailed to your farm area. Min order of 200


Who attends Cyber in Business?

This is the premier event for understanding and addressing the business impacts of cyber security. We will discuss the latest trends, analysis techniques, actionable business insights and advanced implementations of technical insights in cyber security. Attendees are both non-technical business decision makers and technical information security practitioners: - C-Level (CEO, CISO, CTO, CSO, CIO, CCO); - Board & Director Level; - ICT Managers, Business Continuity Managers, Security Consultants; - Governance, Risk & Compliance Consultants, Insurers, Legal Advisors.

Do I require any technical cyber security knowledge to attend?

No specific technical knowledge is required. A healthy sense of curiousity and an open mind will get you far.

Can I claim any CPE credits if I attend Cyber in Business?

Yes, depending on your certification, you can earn CPE credits at CiB. Please check with your relevant accrediting body before attending CiB. If required, Cyber in Business will provide a certificate after the event to verify your participation.

Why should I attend?

1. Harness emerging technology and gain access to the latest technological advancements designed to protect Australian businesses, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). 2. This is a business-focussed event with practical solutions for dealing with cyber threats. We cut through the fear mongering and technical jargon so that you can go away with an action plan, (and hopefully some great deals!) 3. Protection for companies of all sizes, because the majority of small to medium-sized businesses are ill-equipped and under-prepared to handle cyber attacks. The vulnerability of one business can have devastating impacts for all businesses in a supply chain, regardless of size. 4. Meet people working at the cutting edge. Explore partnership opportunities for companies and startups looking to grow and invest.

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